Hello everyone! I’ve been doing radio since I was 19 and it couldn’t be a more perfect job for me considering I love any opportunity to talk and of course love music! I started my career in classic rock with a few stints on a country station in between and couldn’t be happier now on my FM playing a fun variety of tunes! I’m the proud mama of a crazy toddler boy Hudson, baby girl Dylan and puppy Rubble. Yes, I’m borderline insane. Thank goodness they’re all cute. I’ve lived Key West almost 7 years and love going on long walks people watching down Duval with my kiddos and enjoy the year round sunshine! I love to sleep but I don’t get to do that much anymore so mostly I just dream about sleeping and drink lots of coffee and diet coke. Play call me crazy with me weekday afternoons at 3:15 for awesome gift certificates and on Friday’s at 4:15 you can win a full service Hangover Installation & Repair package and win a bar tab plus free brunch! I love talking with you and taking your requests so don’t be shy…call and say hi J